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Audio and Video System for MEI TA Europe

MEI TA Europe company is now equipped with audio and video system in amphitheater, space for presentation and educational purposes

In August 2017, Studio Berar delivered and installed audio and video system for amphitheater MEI TA Europe in Barič. Considering the international nature of this company's business, the newly-occupied space will serve to ensure that everything about space works smoothly.

The installed audio system consists of JBL C29AV-1and CONTROL 28-1L loudspeakers, two CROWN amplifiers: XLS 1502 with 525 W-4ohm and XLS1002 with 2x215W/8ohm, 2x350W/4ohm, and dbx 640Mdigital zonal processor.

The audio system includes several types of microphones: AKG WMS420 Vocal Set, AKG WMS420 HW Headworn Set, AKG STS DAM+WL and AKG CGN341 E gooseneck microphone, with accompanying cables.

The video system consists of the NEC P502H DLPvideo projector and the COMM-TEC CTSIIX-FADX-150X- IR projection screen.

Apart from the delivery and installation, as well as the commissioning of the system, the expert team of Studio Berar has provided training for users to work on this equipment, in order to ensure that it functions at an optimum level, to the satisfaction of all end users.