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Clay Paky Scenius Unico – Multifunctionality Without Compromise

Meet Scenius Unico – a new, versatile member of the Clay Paky Scenius family

Scenius Unico is the new moving head from Clay Paky. Compared to the previous generation of these devices, this boasts visibly better light quality (1400W Osram, 6500K, and very high CRI).

Clay Paky Scenius Unico is widely applicable: it is an excellent spot light for projecting effects, with six rotating gobos, a rotating prism with an animation wheel, and the most sophisticated and most accurate framing system currently available on the market.

A system with various diffusion filters that can be inserted gradually makes the Scenius Unico magnificent as wash light. However, what builds its reputation as one of the best in its class is a powerful, narrow light beam of highly concentrated light, with a minimum beam angle of only five degrees.

Scenius Unico was one of the main stars of this year's Eurosong in Kiev. The main light designer of this manifestation, Jerry Appelt, says he has chosen for this moving head precisely because of its multifunctionality and practicality. Here's how it looked:

Thus, Scenius Unico slowly but unstoppably builds the reputation of a device that combines high-quality light, exceptional convenience, and the lack of compromise when it comes to end-results.

These are the specifications of the Clay Paky Scenius Unico reflector:

  • Multifunctional light
  • 1400W Osram discharge lamp
  • 6500 K output color temperature
  • Very high CRI
  • 180 mm Ø front lens
  • 5°- 55° linear zoom
  • Focus tracking system
  • CMY System + Linear CTO
  • 7-color wheel
  • Framing System operating on 4 focal planes
  • Framing System rotation on 90°
  • 6 rotating gobos
  • Rotating Prism
  • Graphic animation wheel
  • Very precise 0-100% dimmer
  • Art-Net / RDM

Check out the video presentation of this powerful device, and more information about its performance can be found here.