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Soundcraft Vi1000 – Small Digital Mixer with Great Performances

Soundcraft has introduced their new digital mixer Vi1000, a combination of experience and expertise behind the Vi Series

Vi1000 is the most compact member of the Vi family, with dimensions of 86 cm x 81 cm. But do not let its size fool you, as it is a device with the same performance as the bigger Vi2000 and 3000 models.

batch s2The Vi1000 is designed for live touring, music venue and corporate AV customer with applications where a compact and cost-effective, but powerful console is required. Employing Soundcraft’s unique and highly intuitive Vistonics IITM user interface, together with FaderGlowTM, the console combines the operating principles and workflows from the highly successful Vi3000, 5000 and 7000 consoles with Soundcraft® SpiderCoreTM—a powerful built-in DSP and I/O engine based on STUDER technology, offering 40-bit floating point processing for class-leading audio quality. The Vi1000 also comes into its own as an additional remote-control surface for any of the larger consoles in the range, using their Mirroring feature.

In addition to gating and compression on all 96 channels, the functionality of audio processing includes the BSS DPR901 and Dynamic EQ and Lexicon multi effects, with the ability to connect to up to 64 external devices.


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As is standard with all Vi000-series consoles, a built-in 64x64ch DanteTM/MADI interface provides direct recording/playback connection via Ethernet to any Windows or Mac-based recording software or allows the Vi1000 to integrate into an existing Dante network. This small yet powerful mixing console monitoring support for AKG, Shure and Sennheiser wireless microphone systems makes it easy to check battery power, RF levels and frequencies, plus audio level and clipping status of the attached wireless microphones.

Andy Brown, Soundcraft Product Manager, commented on the company’s new Vi1000, “The Vi1000 represents all that we’ve learned over the years with our Vi line and channels that knowledge and experience into a new desk that delivers superior audio performance and a world-class feature set—now delivered in the most compact form factor we’ve achieved so far.”

The new Soundcraft Vi1000 will be available in November.