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AKG DMS800 – Professional Wireless Microphone System that Adapts to Your Needs

Flexibility and versatility are what distinguishes the DMS800 reference digital wireless microphone system from other systems for the same purpose

It will provide maximum performance regardless of where it’s used – in theaters, conference halls, and live performances. The DMS800 delivers flexibility that brings everything one reliable microphone system needs to have.

Besides analog, the DMS800 has two digital audio inputs – for DANTE and AES EBU. The design and mechanical components of its DHT800 part are upgraded in comparison to the previous system, and now microphone heads can be changed when needed. Options are AKG D5 WL 1, D7 WL1 and C5 WL1 microphone head. In this way, this system covers an extensive range of possible fields of application.

An optional network remote control allows frequency coordination and monitoring of multichannel systems by PC software Audio Architect, Apple iPhone/iPad/iPod or Soundcraft Vi consoles.

Wireless Sets – Choose The One You Need

The DMS800 system is available in three sets, with possible variations within each set. Those are:

  • Vocal Set – consisting of the DSR800, DHT800 and the head you choose: D5 and / or D7 (both can be combined within the same system),
  • Performer Set – consists of the DSR800 and two DPT800, which can also be combined with other components, such as the HC81 MD head-worn microphone and
  • Mix Set – consisting of DSR800, DHT800 (with optional head) and DPT800, depending on what a buyer/user wants and needs.

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The DSR800 receiver is in every combination up to the task: it has a very high bandwidth, up to 150 MHz, for higher reliability and flexibility, while the DHT800 in Vocal and Mix sets brings durability and ease of use, which are the essential characteristics of this versatile system.