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TW Audio Install i-series

All that comes with the TW Audio Touring speakers is now available in the Install series

If you ask the users of TW Audio speakers what they love about them, you'll get familiar answers: top quality, and the price-quality ratio.

After the exceptional success of the Touring series of speakers for their ease of transmission and handling, a set of fixed speakers, ready to integrate into any system, have arrived. More precisely, they are already embedded within numerous theaters, concert halls, churches and catering facilities.

The i-series consists of a total of four sub-series, which are:

  • Bi-Series: it consists of four subwoofers of different sizes. They all come from touring versions that are adapted to the installation requirements.
  • Mi-Series: consists of two multifunctional speakers – the M12i (installation versions M12), as well as the M8i, also a customized version of the M8 loudspeaker.
  • Ti-Series: like the previous one, this series consists of two speakers, also derived from the touring series: T30i and T20i.
  • VERA-i: vertical array system, made of VERA S17i compact subwoofer and VERA20i, installation version VERA20.

A common thing for a discotheque in Dubai (on the picture), a church in Beirut, a nightclub in Monte Carlo and a concert auditorium in New Delhi is an i-series. You can find out here where these speakers have been installed around the globe.