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Studio Berar became a distributor of RGBlink brand

RGBlink brand’s products are now available on our market, thanks to the cooperation between Studio Berar and this company

RGBlink is a leading manufacturer of video signal equipment in the Asian market, which is positioned below, and in quality, as same as, and even above many European manufacturers.

Their products are intended for sending video signals and are divided into the following categories:

Among the products of the RGBlink brand, the X1 pro e switcher for 4K switching and scaling, as well as the X2 multiple output video processor, are especially distinguished.

Studio Berar’s sales team attended training for the use of these products in Budapest in June 2018. The training involved the complete range of the RGBlink brand products.

Thanks to this cooperation, customers on our, as well as in the markets of Montenegro, Macedonia and Bosnia and Herzegovina, can easily reach these high-quality, yet affordable products, a combination of features that are not easily found in this industry.