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Claypaky XTYLOS – a laser revolution in the world of moving lights

XTYLOS is a first laser moving head with a laser light source, which offers many new features in the lighting world

In the lighting world, the need for new, unseen effects is continuously present. Rapid technological development allows the frequent appearance of new lights, which are stronger, brighter and durable, with reduced weight and dimensions. However, the products that appear most often represent improvements to existing models, which essentially do not bring anything that has not already been seen. This is not the case with Claypaky XTYLOS, because it represents a kind of revolution.

XTYLOS was created as a result of the collaboration between two renowned companies: Osram, one of the world's leading light source manufacturers and Claypaky, famous for its lighting technology and products, which sets new standards. So, after all, Sharpy, beam moving head, was also created, which many worldwide manufacturers copied.

Innovative technology is what led to the development of XTYLOS reflectors. It can be described as "BLazer", a compact beam moving light with unique optimized and chromatic characteristics, which has a laser light power. The laser source is packaged in a reliable, secure and completely isolated module that offers a rich selection of colors. Thanks to the special Claypaky optical system and effects typical of a professional moving head reflector, XTYLOS is valid for a light that light designers can use immediately without any previous training.

The way the laser light source is used is innovative. Lasers are known as complicated and expensive devices, and so far, they have been used most often in the field of video projection. To be used in the new XTYLOS, Claypaky and OSRAM’s Research and Development team created an entirely new optical group, carrying out many performance and safety tests. What was the result? A spotlight that does not have rivals on the market.

What makes XTYLOS exclusive?

High energy efficiency. Low power consumption is what distinguishes this device. Each RGB requires less than 100 watts, which is a feature of a low-power reflector, but the light that is obtained exceeds devices that consume much more energy.

– The full light beam, no visible hotspots. The special design of the optical system converts light from a laser source into a precise, dense, saturated beam, with no visible hotspots. The aperture is less than 2° and can be reduced to 0.5°. As a result, the light beam is sharp, extremely intense and can not be made by any other, LED or traditional, source.

– Intensive and saturated colors with an exclusive Turbo Color system. XTYLOS has laser technology with additional RGB color mixing, making the colors of the beam intense. Turbo-Red, Turbo-Blue and Turbo-green are available, as well as their combinations, with a stronger light than any traditional bulb. The color consistency is unrepeatable by any other device, thanks to which light designers will be able to use these colors, without fear that they will melt with the rest of the lighting.

– So far unprecedented "BLazer" effects. The effect range is extensive: two spinning wheels, with 7 rotating gobos and 12 fixed gobos, 4 prism wheels and 16 facet prisms. These effects are enhanced precisely thanks to the laser light source, which creates an unprecedented BLazer effect.

– Exceptional dynamics. Effects and color changes are changing instantly, in a way that the human eye can hardly notice. In addition to allowing the lighting scenes to change very quickly and accurately, the speed of these changes creates a remarkable impression on their own.

– Safety. The new "BLazer" Claypaky technology is completely safe and can be used by any light designer or operator. From this perspective, XTYLOS is a standard reflector, with all the certificates that one device of this type has. The laser unit is located in a sealed module, which user can not access. The module produces a harmless light beam with exceptional optical characteristics: for a bright, perfectly parallel and unformed, equally distributed mix. Unlike some lights with replaceable bulbs, this light beam yields a negligible amount of heat, which means that there is no danger of warming the scene and surrounding objects.

– Small dimensions. Extremely compact housing, as well as the most advanced electronics, make XTYLOS extremely fast and responsive for pan-tilt movements. Its modest size means it can be easily installed.

– A permanent light source, without loss of quality. The laser light source has a lifetime of around 10,000 hours (which is, on average, 8 to 10 years of use for a single rental company), with minimal losses in terms of efficiency. This is a significant improvement in this technology, which is profitable for its users.

– Internal Modularity. The BLazer module is easily adjusted and changed at the end of its lifetime. An electronic module is a unit that can be disassembled and replaced independently of the light source.

XTYLOS is currently the most dynamic reflector on the market. It is a perfect tool for all rental companies, to be used on all those occasions that require extraordinary colors and effects. It is also excellent for fixed installations, such as TV studios and theme parks.