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Brähler Smart Conferencing – Next Generation Conference Systems

Smart conference systems are increasingly finding their place in the market whose requirements are constantly changing and increasing. This was among the first recognized by the renowned manufacturer of conference equipment – Brähler

Brähler brought his smart conferencing system to perfection. The new Brähler software technology is based on more than 50 years of experience in the congress industry. The modules of this system can be individually controlled as well as expanded as needed, thanks to the latest software and hardware solutions.

New technology and a modern approach bring many useful and unique features:

– Meetings and Conferences Administration Tool allows you to configure conference rooms in detail. This involves individually adjusting all parameters for all seats, for all participants, as well as easy conferencing management. The system stores all the configurations (presets, scenes) in the database so that they can be easily reused as needed.

Brähler OS-based MicControl the new MicControl Panel is designed to create, store and use many types of microphone presets. The panel provides control anywhere in the network: chair, secretary, operator, management.

CamControl for easy integration of video camera systems with DIGMIC conference environment. The algorithm always selects the best possible image, either automatically or through operator commands and presets.

IdentControl allows all essential conference settings, such as delegate information and information, to be accessible at your fingertips. Brähler's smart Conferencing software provides efficient administration of all central unit information in the system. This guarantees that all sensitive data is protected from unwanted interference and loss of information.

TimeControl Speaking Time and Speaking Time Credits can be delegated, Mic Groups, Conferences and Degelate groups. Visualization in the software is done with the help of Traffic Light and Timer.

DIGIVOTE parliamentary voting from the secret ballot to open ballot, automatic or manual quorum and / or adoption of proposals, different styles and ways of presenting results publicly.

Special controls allow customization of the DIGIMIC conference system to individual requirements and needs.

New smart conferencing software is the perfect tool for the widest use, with ease of use. The networked, modern client-server architecture enables the distribution of various applications, such as microphone control, delegate registration and voting management. This provides the individual operator with an intuitive surface for smooth and efficient operation.

This platform is entirely independent and scalable. The size and format of the conference system can be selected, with a high degree of flexibility and reliability, as well as a wide range of functions that can be customized to the client's needs.