The newest generation audio systems delivered and installed in Belgrade’s “Dom Omladine“

STUDIO BERAR has delivered audio equipment for the Belgrade’s “Dom Omladine“ Universal Hall and Jazz Club.  Also, in cooperation with AVC-PRO company from Belgrade, Studio Berar has completed the installation of the supplied equipment, starting up the sound system in both halls.

In the Universal Hall, an audio system with SOUNDCRAFT’s Si2 48-channel FOH digital audio mixer has been installed, with corresponding equipment for sound processing, recording and reproduction (DBX DriveRack DSP for speaker systems, DENON CD player and TASCAM CD Recorder).  To the left and right side of the stage, the hanging portal speaker clusters have been installed, each with 5 active line array speaker systems + 2 active JBL’s Vertec Compact series subwoofers, along with supporting equipment (AKG microphones, JBL stage monitoring, etc.).

For multi-channel sound reproduction, a corresponding amplifier unit (19" rack) with DOLBY Digital processor and
a corresponding number of CROWN’s CTS amplifiers have been installed, with matching DBX DriveRack audio processors for screen speaker systems.  Behind the hall’s main screen, a built-in installation of three JBL Screen Array speaker systems has been performed, as well as the two portable JBL subwoofers.  Also, for the sound effect reproduction, 20 JBL surround speaker systems have been installed on the wall.

For the Jazz Club’s technical editor studio, a SOUNDCRAFT’s GB8 32-channel analog audio mixer has been installed, along with sound processing equipment (LEXICON mixers for audio effects and DBX processors for dynamic and amplitude sound processing) and audio recording/reproduction equipment (ALESIS ADAT 24-channel HD recorder, DENON CD players and TASCAM CD recorder).  For the stage itself,  6 active full-range speaker systems + 4 active JBL PRX600 series subwoofers have been dedicated, accompanied by AKG mics, JBL stage monitoring etc.).