Delivery of Phillips Fixtures for Banovina Building

In February 2017, Studio Berar has delivered fixtures and lenses for outdoor lighting of the most famous architectural buildings in Novi Sad – so-called "Ship on the Danube"

A request that was put in front of our team was about the delivery and installation of Philips fixtures, positioned above the main entrance to the building Banovina, which is now the center of the Government of AP Vojvodina. The whole building is equipped with carefully selected lighting, so its beauty remains intact for viewers even at night.

Thus, in February 2017, our team delivered and installed Philips Outdoor LED BCP463 [eW Burst Powercore] fixtures. It is a lighting device with a narrow-angle light beam, with 12 individual light sources, LED HB (High Brightness) technology and IP66 certified (which guarantees their resistance to dust and water jets).

In addition to these reflectors, Studio Berar delivered Philips ZCP462 SK D114 A14 lenses, along with supporting equipment consisting of Philips ZCP462 SK GR D114 interior trim rings

The building of Banovina, the work of our famous architect Dragiša Brašovan, has been illuminated with the intention to highlight the facade reliefs located above the main entrance. The creators of the original reliefs are the Baranja couple, and they represent the figures of Serbian governors during the World War I and King Petar I and Aleksandar Karađorđević. After the World War II, these reliefs had been removed, but in 2007 they were replaced with replicas and put in their old place.

Today, thanks to the thoughtful combination of restoration and modern technology, this part of the facade is highlighted, so that evokes its historical and cultural significance.