Audio-video System for Matica Srpska Library

Matica Srpska Library is now equipped with an audio-video system tailored to the needs of this institution

In July 2017, Studio Berar delivered and installed the audio-video system for the needs of the Matica Srpska Library, thanks to which this prestigious institution can perform its activities concerning presentations, lectures and debates smoothly and at a high level of professionalism.

From the aspect of audio equipment, Studio Berar delivered JBL EON612 two-way speakers, as well as Soundcraft Signature 10 audio mixers. Regarding the microphones, the solution included AKG Perception Wireless 45 Vocal Set, AKG GN 50 E Modular gooseneck modules and AKG CK31 cardioid microphone heads, including AKG ST6 stands. The system, from the aspect of video equipment, is completed with the SONY HDR-PJ410B FullHD video camera.

The delivered system is mobile, which means that its individual elements can be moved and used as needed, depending on the requirements of the users. In this way, a variety of different needs for audio and video equipment can be satisfied.

Besides this, Studio Berar installed a necessary equipment for the optimum operation of the system, including cables and stands, including Studio Berar’s team users training for work with the equipment to ensure the ultimate quality for end users.