Powersoft Amplifiers for DK LIGHT

Rental company DK LIGHT joined the long list of those who chose Powersoft's solutions

In September 2017, rental company DK LIGHT became the owner of the Powersoft K10 high-performance amplifier.

When it comes to the needs of a rental company, it's not a surprising trend that more and more of them are turning to Powersoft's solutions. This is because they are characterized by superior sound quality as well as the quality of its workmanship, with an unbeatable price/quality ratio. Reliability and quality are the most important qualities for equipment used by rental companies, and Powersoft amplifiers are, in this context, investment, due to their long service life.


Thus, DK LIGHT trusted Studio Berar and Powersoft, choosing the K10 model in the K series. It's a high-performance two-channel amplifier with 12000 W. Its coverage of all frequency bands and, therefore, flexibility, are the reasons why these solutions slowly but surely conquer our market.