Avolites Tiger Touch II Lighting Console for Our Longtime Partner

Avolites Tiger Touch II was delivered to Rental company Jan Audio from Kisač

In September, Studio Berar delivered Avolites lighting console to Jan Audio from Kisač. This is how we once again find ourselves in the role of a mediator between the most famous lighting consoles brand in our country and a rental company.

Cooperation between Studio Berar and Avolites is almost two decades long. Thanks to that, their lighting consoles have conquered our market, making Avolites extremely popular among domestic lighting designers. What has made Avolites so attractive is the excellent price and quality ratio, which has positioned this brand in our market as the leading manufacturer of lighting consoles, whose solutions today can be found in many cultural institutions, television productions, and rental companies.


In comparison to its second edition, Tiger Touch II has a 100 percent brighter display, increased processing power, and faster graphics processing. According to Avolites, it represents the perfect combination of power and portability. The third generation of this lighting console has enough power for the most complex performance, but it is still small and compact enough to be carried in a standard size transport case.

More about Tiger Touch II can be found here, and if you are interested in some of the Avolites products, you can contact our sales team.