Delivery of Avolites Lighting Console to Grand production

As a part of the plan about expanding its lighting capabilities, Grand production now has a new Avolites lighting console

Due to the necessary expansion in the field of lighting, Grand Production had a need for a new lightweight console. Thus, in October 2017, Studio Berar delivered the Avolites Titan Mobile to the production.

Avolites Titan Mobile is a favorite tool of many lighting designers around the world, primarily because it has everything that bigger models have as well, but in a compact and easy-to-carry form.

As a reinforcement to this lighting console, Grand production ordered Titan Mobile Wing as well. It provides direct access to the most used options, such as Shape Overlay Cues, Blinders, House Lights, Smoke Machines and so on. It has 30 programmable controls, and together with Titan Mobile Wing, it is an entirely operational lighting panel, which can, if necessary and according to requirements, be scaled.

Grand production is not only a long-standing user of Avolites products but also a long-term associate of Studio Berar.