AKG DMS800 for Aleksandar Sofronijević’s orchestra

In November 2017 Studio Berar delivered the AKG DMS800 microphone system to Aleksandar Sofronijević’s orchestra

Having added two TW Audio PA-SYS-ONE systems to their equipment in June, Alexander Sofronijevic's orchestra decided to buy a reliable microphone system.

The chosen solution, quite logically, was the AKG DMS800, whose proven practicality and flexibility are exactly what this orchestra needs.

We remind you that the DMS800 can have three settings: Vocal Set, Performer Set, and Mix Set. They offer different combinations of individual elements of this system, for diverse users’ needs.

This time experienced musicians chose Performer Set, in accordance to the needs of the orchestra of this caliber. This set consists of a DSR800 receiver and a DPT800 body-pack transmitter.

Thanks to the new microphones, the audio experience offered by the famous orchestra Aleksandar Sofronijević has been improved to the satisfaction of all their fans.