JBL VRX for Game Over Band

Game Over Band has enriched their equipment with the powerful JBL VRX system

In December 2017, Studio Berar delivered the top-quality audio system for Game Over Band, a perfect solution for live performance. It is a JBL VRX system, which consists of a pair of active sound boxes VRX932LAP and a pair of subwoofer VRX918SP.

On the other hand, Game Over is a member of the Diamond League of bands for weddings, with other famous brands of this kind, led by Misha Macak. They usually perform at weddings and similar celebrations, which means they have an articulated need for a reliable speaker system that will always be at the top of its game.


That's why the JBL VRX has been chosen, thanks to which this successful band will be able to continue its mission of making people happy and marking important events with their music.

Photo Credits: gameoverbend.com, jblpro.com