Soundcraft Vi6 for the VRL Foundation

The Vladimir Labat Rovnjev Foundation has upgraded its existing audio system, thanks to the Soundcraft Vi6 mixer.

In January 2018, Studio Berar delivered the complete Soundcraft Vi6 system, consisting of a mixer, a local rack and a stage box to the Vladimir Labat Rovnjev Foundation.

Soundcraft Vi6 is considered to be one of the most ergonomic large format console consoles, known for being user-friendly, and the quality it provides is all you can expect from something with the Soundcraft's signature on it.


In addition to this system, a multi-channel audio recorder was also delivered to the Vladimir Labat Rovnjev Foundation.

Vladimir Labat Rovnkev and our company have been cooperating successfully for many years. Thanks to the existing audio system, as well as reinforcement in the form of the aforementioned Soundcraft Vi6 system, our famous artist has the means to work that allows him to realize his ideas.