Delivery of Audio System for Bekament Company

In June 2019, Studio Berar delivered a loudspeaker system with a mixer to Bekament from Arandjelovac.

It is a JBL VRX speaker system, which consists of 8 JBL VRX932LAP line-array active speaker systems, as well as 8 VRX918SP active subwoofers and 4 PRX812W 12" two-way audio systems.

In addition to the mentioned speakers, additional equipment is provided in the form of racks for speakers and cables, as well as the MIDAS M32R LIVE digital mixer.

This audio system is part of a more extensive system, and another part of it is expected to be delivered to Bekament in the coming months. The planned system will have a total of 16 VRX932LAP and VRX918SP speakers.