Brähler Smart Conferencing – Next Generation Conference Systems

Smart conference systems are increasingly finding their place in the market whose requirements are constantly changing and increasing. This was among the first recognized by the renowned manufacturer of conference equipment – Brähler Brähler brought his smart conferencing system to perfection. The new Brähler software technology is based on more than 50 years of experience…


TW AUDIO ELLA – Elegant Line Array System

In its constant pursuit of perfection, TW AUDiO has launched a new ELegant Line Array Series, abbreviated as ELLA The specially designed 6.5-inch high-performance driver delivers extraordinarily controlled mid-low frequencies. Designed specifically for this system, the waveguide has five 1-inch soft tweeters, all in a compact body that weighs only 5.5 kg, measuring 20x20cm. The…


DEVA – Powersoft’s Superior Multimedia Unit

Information, entertainment and monitoring – all in one device, is the most general description of Powersoft’s DEVA multimedia system DEVA is a device that delivers superior performance in infoitainment, entertainment and surveillance domains in any environment, regardless of conditions. Its multifunctionality is achieved through several sensors and accessories, as well as the ability to work…


Avolites Lighting Consoles for RTS

In September 2019, two Avolites branded lighting consoles were delivered to Radio Television of Serbia These are Avolites Sapphire Touch lighting consoles. In addition to high performance and 45 motorized, automated master playbacks, it also provides multiple submasters, flash and executable commands. It has a large workspace, with two large 15.6-inch widescreen programming screens, and…


Audio equipment for Kiwi band

In June 2019, Kiwi band upgraded its equipment with a new sound system The Kiwi Band, part of the Diamond League of Bands, has enriched its audio equipment with eight speakers, two amplifiers and a system processor. Regarding loudspeakers, Studio Berar delivered four units of the JBL VRX932LA-1 model, as well as four o JBL…


Powersoft amplifiers for Synapsys

In June 2019, Studio Berar delivered Powersoft amplifiers to Synapsys Synapsys is a company that designs and engineerings telecommunication and smart systems. 1204 belongs to the Quattrocanali series. It brings the traditionally excellent sound quality by which Powersoft is recognizable. The Quattrocanali 1204 has a patented SRM (Smart Rails Management) technology that allows the highest…


Lupo LED panels for ARBOS

In January 2019, Lupo LED panels were delivered to the ARBOS company, with accompanying equipment ARBOS is a video and cinema production company, which means that their requirements regarding lighting are high. Studio Berar supplied LED panels of the Italian manufacturer Lupo for their needs. These are Lupo Superpanel Soft DMX Dual Color LED panels,…