TW AUDIO ELLA – Elegant Line Array System

In its constant pursuit of perfection, TW AUDiO has launched a new ELegant Line Array Series, abbreviated as ELLA The specially designed 6.5-inch high-performance driver delivers extraordinarily controlled mid-low frequencies. Designed specifically for this system, the waveguide has five 1-inch soft tweeters, all in a compact body that weighs only 5.5 kg, measuring 20x20cm. The…

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TV Audio loudspeakers for the Orchestra of Aleksandar Sofronijević

Our longtime friends and associates, the Orchestra of Aleksandar Sofronijević, made an uncompromising choice on sound quality again After the Powersoft X4 DSP + ETH amplifier, the AKG DMS800 microphone system and TW Audio PA-SYS-one systems, the Orchestra of Alexander Sofronijević selected TW Audio M12 speakers, which were delivered during November and December 2018. M12…

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TW Audio Install i-series

All that comes with the TW Audio Touring speakers is now available in the Install series If you ask the users of TW Audio speakers what they love about them, you’ll get familiar answers: top quality, and the price-quality ratio. After the exceptional success of the Touring series of speakers for their ease of transmission…