TV Audio loudspeakers for the Orchestra of Aleksandar Sofronijević

Our longtime friends and associates, the Orchestra of Aleksandar Sofronijević, made an uncompromising choice on sound quality again After the Powersoft X4 DSP + ETH amplifier, the AKG DMS800 microphone system and TW Audio PA-SYS-one systems, the Orchestra of Alexander Sofronijević selected TW Audio M12 speakers, which were delivered during November and December 2018. M12…


Clay Paky Mythos 2 for DVD PET

Our longtime associate and partner, the rental company DVD PET from Macedonia, to the arsenal of their lighting devices has added more spotlights of the renowned Italian manufacturer During December 2018, Studio Berar delivered Clay Paky Mythos 2 spotlights for DVD PET. This rental company already has a rich experience with the products of this…


JBL VRX for Radiation band

Radiation band added JBL VRX speakers to the list of their equipment Radiation is a band from Belgrade that for two decades magnifies weddings and celebrations with its music. In September 2018, we delivered an active JBL VRX system to them, so the quality of their performance will remain at the level at which their…


RGBlink video processor for DVD PET

A video processor with accompanying equipment was delivered to the Macedonian company DVD PET In July 2018, our longtime associate, DVD PET Rental company from Macedonia, delivered a video processor manufactured by RGBlink, with which we recently concluded a distribution agreement. We delivered is a video processor VENUS X1 PRO E, a modular platform that…


TW Audio Install i-series

All that comes with the TW Audio Touring speakers is now available in the Install series If you ask the users of TW Audio speakers what they love about them, you’ll get familiar answers: top quality, and the price-quality ratio. After the exceptional success of the Touring series of speakers for their ease of transmission…