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AKG DMS800 for Aleksandar Sofronijević’s orchestra

In November 2017 Studio Berar delivered the AKG DMS800 microphone system to Aleksandar Sofronijević’s orchestra Having added two TW Audio PA-SYS-ONE systems to their equipment in June, Alexander Sofronijevic’s orchestra decided to buy a reliable microphone system. The chosen solution, quite logically, was the AKG DMS800, whose proven practicality and flexibility are exactly what this…

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AKG DMS800 – Professional Wireless Microphone System that Adapts to Your Needs

Flexibility and versatility are what distinguishes the DMS800 reference digital wireless microphone system from other systems for the same purpose It will provide maximum performance regardless of where it’s used – in theaters, conference halls, and live performances. The DMS800 delivers flexibility that brings everything one reliable microphone system needs to have. Besides analog, the…

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Audio-video Presentation System for the Medical Society of Vojvodina

In March 2017, Studio Berar delivered audio-video presentation system for the Medical Society of Vojvodina Users had needed the equipment that will provide efficient and reliable work of the system, for the purpose of presenting multimedia content. Therefore, Studio Berar opted for a professional 75-inch SONY LCD screen. Regarding the audio aspect, the system consists…

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AKG K872 – A New Benchmark In The Field of Production and Live Sound

The unprecedented accuracy in production and live sound engineering environments are the basis for building AKG K872’s reputation What does it mean? As a result of nearly seven decades of AKG’s engineers’ experience, the K872 master reference closed-back headphones provide precision and comfort in the field of production and live performances. Custom 53-mm drivers with…

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Equipment for conference rooms of Vojvodina’s Chamber of Commerce

In the “Master Center” building in Novi Sad, Studio Berar has equipped three conference rooms with audio-video presentation systems, including ambiental sound system. The conference room is designed for helding regional meetings, the other is for the realization of the meetings of the Presidency, and the third one is designed for multimedia presentations, in accordance…