JBL EON ONE Compact – Portable PA System

JBL EON ONE Compact is an all-in-one: portable, rechargeable, personal, professional PA system The days of compromising the power and performance of speakers on one side and portability on the other are over. With this idea came the JBL EON ONE Compact, a professional performance speaker, with a 4-channel mixer and control via Bluetooth. Also,…

AudioNews JBL-7

JBL 7-series Master Reference Monitors

JBL 7-series brings an extraordinary output, stunning detail, an expansive soundstage, and greater accuracy 7-series represents a new generation of monitors, developed to meet the needs of music recording, film post and broadcast production applications. Its impressive performance is achieved thanks to leveraging new patent-pending driver technologies and JBL’s renowned Image Control Waveguide originally developed…

AudioNews EON208P

JBL EON208P – All You Need to Be Heard

JBL’s legendary sound quality, now in the form of portable 8-inch PA system with 8-channel mixer, Bluetooth connectivity, and AKG microphone EON2018P is all you need when looking for a solution that allows compact design and the best performance. The 8-channel detachable and intuitive mixer provides connections for microphones, instruments, and other audio sources, while…